Are you having troubles building your network? Do you feel that your current network configuration needs improvement? Are you looking for new ways to improve your network or to build a more secure network? Then Contact us and we’ll help you make the logical choice!

At X3M Systems, we have built a reputation for providing affordable and cost-effective network designs and network security solutions for small businesses, medium-sized enterprises, and government agencies. Our Microsoft and Cisco qualified technicians provide quality and competent services, with respect to designing new networks and re-configuring your existing networks.

From setting up LAN/WAN to data cabling, router and server configuration and firewall set-up, we use cutting edge technologies and innovation to provide network solutions specifically suited to your organizational needs.


Your IT network is your organization’s backbone. The stronger and more secure network set-up, the better you can handle complex functions such as data management, CRM and communication with your employees and customers. X3M offers consultants and technicians to view your existing network, identify any weaknesses, make suggestions and provide documented reports and assistance at a very affordable price.

Our network planning model approach enables you to evaluate your:

  • Short-term and long-term networking requirements
  • IT asset outsourcing options
  • Virtual Private Network (VPN) Setup

As your business starts to grow, your staff is always on the move, and as new branch offices are established, Resource-sharing becomes a risky hassle. Our security consultants will create and install VPN for your business to provide you with a safe and secure access to the Internet and network resources within your organization’s network.


Explore Alternatives

Designing a new network can be a challenging and resource-consuming task. Most businesses resort to re-configuring their existing networks, rather than setting up a new one, often yielding unfavorable results.

We are here to help you explore all your options. Our services include:

  • Reviewing your organization’s requirements and specifications for a new network
  • Identifying quality vendors for IT infrastructure procurement
  • Installing hardware, software for a new network system
  • Reconfiguring your existing network for optimum performance and security
  • Providing secure wireless solutions
  • Provisioning and designing a secure BYOD environment
  • Recommending a best-practices approach for your network management

Our relationship does not end with providing you a new network or reconfiguring your existing one. We believe in continuing support for our clients.

Using the latest and the most advanced technologies, we provide various network security solutions. We make sure your business remains safe from cyber threats and other network attacks. We provide range of solutions from installing and configuring a simple firewall to complex switches, routers and appliances to provide necessary level of access control.

Our competent services enable you to analyze network needs, devise and employ new and improved networks and manage them safely.



One of the most effective solutions to network security, a firewall protects your network from unauthorized access. At X3M, we assist your organization in installing most well known security appliances. To further protect your network against cyber attacks, we provide switches, routers and IP-based prevention techniques.


Onsite network support is a time consuming and exhaustive task for businesses. Small businesses tend to invest their resources entirely in network support, often incurring more costs than reaping any benefits. The lack of expertise also compromises security.

In this regard, X3M Systems provides efficient and affordable on-site network support. We consider your emergencies as our own and act on a proactive basis accordingly. Our competent staff manages everything ranging from your email to virtualization and router settings configuration.


Your security plan is only effective if you have a proper backup and disaster recovery plan, in the event of any sudden or unforeseen circumstances.

We provide various contingency plans and disaster recovery solutions, in addition to security measures. Our consultants point out any deficiencies in your existing system, plan and implement adequate disaster recovery solutions and take steps to mitigate your loss. We help your business continue to grow, expand and prosper!


With the rapid changes in technology, new malware and network attacks are being deployed. Unless your security system is up-to-date to deal with the latest virus, trojans, phishing and other cyber attacks, your network is exposed.

At X3M, we value long-term business affiliations with our clients. We monitor and evaluate your firewall and other security measures on a continuing basis, upgrade wherever necessary and ensure that your business network remains secure.

Please contact us if you are interested in our information and network security services, we are looking forward to hearing from you.

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